Things To Know before Collaborating with a Digital Agency

We’ve all come across quirky campaigns from top brands and wondered how they come up with such unique ideas and build social media campaigns that are always so interactive. Well, it’s because they have a digital agency that comes up with ideas that are revisited a million times before they make it to your eyes. A million is probably an exaggeration, but they revise their ideas and plans multiple times before deciding on a post that is sure to make you fall in love with the brand even more. And in order for you to come up with such campaigns as well, you need to be able to choose the people who will manage your online presence wisely. So, here’s a drill down on how you ought to socialize with the right social media agency!

Define your deliverables

For starters, you need to know what you want the agency to do for you. Do you want them to manage all your platforms, whether you want to set up a presence from scratch or continue where you left off, which new platforms you wish to venture into, any particular feed design you are interested in and the kind of brand messaging you want to establish. Devising a list of deliverables that you expect from them as well as what value-additions can they offer will give you a clear idea of how you can move forward in building your presence.

Setting your end objective

Deciding on your end objective and communicating it with the digital agency will also streamline all strategies in building a portfolio. Your end goal can be getting leads, making conversions, diverting more traffic to your website, spreading awareness, building a community or simply connecting with like-minded individuals, or building a blog. Whatever you feel will fit best in building your brand and aligns the most with your practice makes it to your end goal. However, ensuring that your goal is statistically sound and that it matches your profile is a must. For instance, Manforce cannot set conversions as its goal on social media, it can only attempt at building more and more awareness through catchy and engaging content.

While setting your goals, also make sure that you include realistic numbers that you wish to achieve from the month you start your page. Setting a quantifiable target will show you how far you have reached in the process and make the digital agency strive to work towards achieving it.

Researching the agency

One of the most crucial aspects of onboarding a digital agency to work on your brand is conducting research to understand their background. Conduct a thorough analysis of the company, its experience, ethics, and vision to get a better idea of its background. Identifying their purpose behind wanting to support your digital presence and the narrative that they are trying to build is a must. You will be entrusting your online presence to someone and as a result, ensuring that the agency stays transparent with you at all times and has the best interest at heart is a must. Conduct a thorough analysis before sitting down with an agency to know their work and the kind of change they wish to bring about with your voice.

Communicating your budget

Most importantly, set a budget. It’s extremely important to know the finance that you wish to put in to grow your business not just for you but for the agency that is going to manage your brand. Communicating your budget with the agency gives them a better idea of being able to devise

strategies that will fit within your expectations and also make it easier to chalk out any performance and paid marketing plans.

If you are still unsure of how you must table the first conversation with someone from a digital agency, here are a few prompts to help you get started.

1) What kind of an agency are you and which fields do you specialize in?

2) What are your thoughts on my current social media handles?

3) What strategies do you have in mind to grow my digital presence?

4) Which platforms do you think I must explore pertaining to my profession/business?

5) How will you measure the growth of my page?

6) How will you be delivering your services? Is there a particular flow to it?

7) What are your pricing plans?

8) Do you outsource your work? Who will be managing my handles?

9) Which social media management tools do you use?


Building a digital presence requires investment, time, and effort, and in order to set up one which is value-driven necessitates that you choose someone who is well-versed and knows what they are doing. Choosing an agency that you trust will go a long way in fostering a growth-oriented collaboration that will easily be depicted in your presence. To build on your viewer’s trust, communicating value is very important and thus, getting behind an organization that truly understands it is a given.


At Culsac, our mission is to support and help grow your reach by building a ground-breaking digital presence for your personal brand. If you’re looking for a no-obligation quote, drop in a mail at [email protected] and we’d be happy to sit down and hear your ideas. Till then, happy hunting!


Key Skills Needed to Become a Successful Doctor

To become a doctor is one thing but to decide that you want to become a doctor is another. As Sudha Murthy quotes in her famous book, Wise and Otherwise, “If a patient dies, it is just one more hospital death for the doctor. But for the unfortunate family, it is a permanent loss.” Such is the magnanimity of becoming a doctor.

While we all know that pursuing medicine requires a lot of hard work with regards to studies, it is even more crucial to understand that a right skillset is required to pursue a field which entrusts so much responsibility on someone. Let’s delve deeper into understanding which skills are needed to pursue this noble field for someone who is looking to venture into afresh.

Emotional Intelligence

For starters, emotional intelligence plays a key role in communicating a diagnosis with patients. Displaying tact and sensitivity in grave situations while maneuvering the conversation into laying emphasis on what is urgent requires great communication skills. Oftentimes, the recipient may not be in a position to hear any ill news, and as a result, displaying emotional maturity comes as a given. Professionalism at the behest of empathy, understanding, and sensitivity is encouraged and these qualities must be imbibed by someone wanting to pursue the field of medicine.

Problem-Solving Skills

We are all aware that diagnosing any particular medical issue is essentially detective work and we are also aware that a good detective is one which is skilled at solving problems and taking calculated decisions. The same goes for a doctor. An aspirant is, of course, expected to gain all knowledge through his studies, however, thinking out of the box when it comes to solving any medical condition is also actively advocated. On occasion, you may find your assumptions do not match with what the tests show or vice-versa. There may also be moments where the most common symptoms may be a cause for something quite unexpected. In times like these, problem-solving skills come handy and become a prerequisite to anyone wanting to pursue doctoral studies.

Tactful Decision Making

The final say in any delivery of treatment or medicine is in the hands of the doctor. No one else is in any position to go against the doctor or advice otherwise. Your say will be the one which will bear the consequences, positive or negative and as a result, inculcating the skill of calculative decision-making is a must. Paying close attention to details of whatever issue is posed in front of you, researching and gaining enough insight on your assumption before finally deriving a conclusion, needless to say, goes into the job description of a good doctor.

Leadership & Teamwork

On multiple occasions, you will find yourself working with a team of doctors or even be in a position where you will be leading a team of doctors yourself. In such scenarios, the skill of leading a situation by experience and not just by imparting wisdom to fellow doctors come into play. The ability to collaborate and form healthy relationships with colleagues will only facilitate your work and make you a part of a positive work environment. In a field where resilience forms by itself over the years, these skills are one which will truly make you stand out in your field, all cognitive skills set apart.

Professional Conduct

On occasion, your ability to treat or cure someone’s loved one may be set aside by that person who is in a state of upheaval. However, in moments like these, ensuring that you display professionalism and not engage in any form of conduct that will impact your profile and goodwill is vital. As a result, treating individuals in a courteous manner, making them feel comfortable, and seeing to it that the delivery of treatment and conduct displayed by those around is most welcoming displays all signs of professionalism.

Developing skills that are ideally passive in nature but truly determine the kind of doctor you are can oftentimes, get overlooked. With the impending books to research through and constantly staying updated with the latest technology in medicine, these skills can take a back seat. As a result, refining your soft skills actively is a must in wanting to become a successful doctor.


Tips On Using Social-Media to Grow Your Career or Business

What do you do when you are sitting by yourself with nothing but a phone in hand?

We already know the answer, no surprises there. However, this blog isn’t going to tell you how spending time on your phone scrolling through social media is unproductive. Because gone are the days when social media was considered to be a waste of time. The days when your parents would tell you off for spending so much time on Instagram and Facebook are seeing a reversal with them scrolling through these platforms in their free time now. In fact, social media can prove to be a great medium for promoting your career and business. Here are a few ways how!

1) Build a professional profile

Create a profile that shows what your profession is, what do you do and what you have to offer to your viewers. Creating a professional profile will let people find you easily and mark your presence in the digital space- an easy destination for potential clientele to reach. Setting up a profile is quite an easy task- add in a pleasing display picture, a short and crisp bio with the details of your domain, and any particular skill you may want to highlight. You’re now all set to attract a crowd that is interested in your niche and wants to interact with you.

2) Build a community

The primary purpose of putting up content on social media is to build an online community. This online community essentially means people who are interested in your work and believe that you will be able to drive value to their lives through whatever it is that you put up. A close-knit community is one that will draw engagement, help build on your brand’s awareness, and yield a higher conversion metric to achieve your goal. It also lets you build a strong network that fosters interpersonal relationships that can prove beneficial for their growth. As a result, it portrays a sense of togetherness where you grow with them and vice-versa.

3) Highlight your expertise

While putting up any content on your page, make it a point that you are always delivering some value to your viewers and this can only be done by sharing your expertise. While we would have earlier been surprised at how unconventional professions or businesses such as ophthalmologists or glass traders would not be suitable to establish a social media presence, you would be surprised to learn how wonderfully they have built their presence. And all this only by highlighting their skills and expertise with the content that they put up. Sharing tips and tricks, experiences, growth trajectory, your projects and the like will only lead to growing your community of avid learners online.

4) Building a relationship through collaborations

Networking and collaborating with individuals from your industry, online and offline is always a good way to stay updated with the industry and stay well connected. The same goes for your social media presence. Collaborating for interviews, hosting lives, and sharing experiences, growth hacks, and tips for your followers will drive more engagement and make viewers want to visit your page repeatedly until they turn into loyal followers. Collaborating with businesses or practices similar to your offering also increases awareness since you are engaging with an audience that fits your niche perfectly. This increases brand awareness and only leads to greater visibility, thus building a stronger digital presence.


5) Measure your metrics and build strategies accordingly

Measuring your success on social media is an easy task. The numbers are all available on your mobile and you can take well-calculated calls yourself. Understanding the kind of content that works for your page and the way your audience is engaging with you online will ascertain where it is that you want to reach. Other than the metrics visible on your screen, you can also measure your success by simply feeding in your name on social media platforms to see where you rank or set alerts to know if your name is mentioned to calculate how much traction are you gaining on your page.

Paying attention, reading this data well enough, and analyzing it will only help you build campaigns that are sure to become a hit. Your reputation online makes for over half the job of maintaining a social media presence that is impactful.

6) Engage, Engage, Engage Consistently

A mistake that we previously mentioned about, not staying consistent in your engagement or posting online will only make your account dormant. Posting content regularly, replying to comments or tweets, engaging with a competitor and industry-wide pages, and staying updated with moment marketing trends is a must. Consistently doing so will lead to faster growth in building your community and only further aid in yielding promising results from your social media handles. Post about your most recent achievements, the projects that you have worked on, or any industry-specific changes that could have caused an impact on your work. Your thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints even in brief will prove to be quite impactful as long as it is regular and consistent enough.

We can understand that keeping in mind so much can seem to be quite an overload of information. Setting up a social media presence can be some serious work but it can aid in building your career and business immensely. It is one of the most powerful and resourceful tools available today and with the right focus, plan, and dedication, you are bound to shine on any platform.

However, all these tips are a result of the expertise we have gained so far and we’re sure that following these will only serve your purpose of building a strong social media profile. If you have any queries or wish to get in touch with us, drop in a hello at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you instantly!




4 Ways A Doctor Can Grow His Digital Presence Online

In an age where the internet is King, it comes as no surprise to know that growing your business as a doctor online is a tedious task. Gone are the days when referrals were the only way to make your practice become known. Moreover, considering that the field of medicine is not just vast but is also one that is quite delicate, establishing a presence that is meaningful and doesn’t in any way cause any grievance from netizens requires a firm presence of mind. And a conscious and meaningful approach towards establishing your presence online will not only build on your goodwill but also offer a lot more value to your patients.

Play with Your Strengths

Your strength lies in the reviews and testimonials of your patients. As a result, building a pool of reviews that go up on your google business account and across all social media platforms in engaging formats will yield more awareness for your personal brand. While we can understand that putting up the same reviews everywhere may get repetitive, ensure that you use multiple formats such as story-telling, videography, carousel post formats, or even a blog to talk about the experience. This not just makes your audience feel connected but also makes you seem a lot more legitimate and real.

Get Social

Asking your patients to follow you on social media may seem trivial but it goes a long way in organically building your presence. Sending messages to them, following upon them, and directing them towards your social media handles will let you grow your practice and build an avid community of learners. Through your social media handles, you can diversify your audience and engage or educate them. On Instagram, you can share wellness tips and how they can take care of themselves on an everyday basis. On Linkedin, you can interact with fellow doctors and build a professional profile while on Quora, you can answer all doubts and resolve any issues that people might be facing. With Reddit, you can form a niche with your own group and on Facebook, you can interact with others in groups and build awareness around your brand. All in all, through social media, you will be in a position to engage with your audience and thus, build awareness around your presence.

A Digital Address with a Website

A professional website, replete with all information regarding where your audience can reach out to you, where they can check your practice online, and where they can garner more information on any medical issue they are facing will optimize your digital presence. Moreover, you will be able to set your conversion metric to increased website awareness which will serve as an endpoint for anyone who googles you online. On your website, you can display all your skills, and the services your practice offers as well as build an informative blog through which you can educate your audience.

Venture into multiple arenas

As much as you are a doctor, with a digital or social media presence, you are also a content creator. Many doctors today, choose to venture into multiple formats of delivering content while choosing topics that the common man wishes to know about. Something as simple as a nutritionist reviewing celebrity diet plans on their Youtube channel. Or an Ophthalmologist educates their audience about eye hygiene or best practices to avoid exertion. You too can choose to venture into a niche that is sure to have anyone visiting your page hooked. Right from veganism to sex education, doctors do not necessarily need to talk about their own field but can also talk about things that are adjacent to the field of medicine and need attention.

While setting up a digital presence may seem daunting to you, going online is the only way forward and one which is genuine, unique, and builds trust. At Culsac, we are always here to show you how you can go ahead and curate a well-optimized feed for yourself. Say hello at [email protected] to know what ideas we have to grow your personal brand online, now!

Enhance Your Digital Presence With The Best Digital Marketing Guide1

Harnessing The Power of a Digital Presence for Professionals: A Must in the Online Age

Pop Quiz. Do you or do you not check online any place that you are going to visit for the first time before heading out?

A. Yes

B. A

C. B

Be it a doctor’s clinic to just a run-in at a local grocery store, everyone’s first instinct after coming across anyone or anything is to check them online. And this, amongst many other reasons showcases why having a digital presence is a must. In an age where the usage of the words ‘online’ and ‘social media’ can possibly surpass the age-old, hello, not creating an online presence would lead to losing out on a lot more than what you would be putting in to invest in the first place.

Establishing a Digital Address

The most obvious benefit of establishing a digital presence would be that of being able to display all the services that you have to offer to your audience. With an online catalog, you will be able to tell your audience all that you can provide in one go and with a clear description of what it means. You can easily become an expert within your industry and build goodwill with multiple avenues to explore on the web today. The stronger your visibility, the greater awareness, and reach are you going to achieve. This particularly helps in gaining traction from your local audience who are most likely to interact with your page. With an online presence, you are easy to find, contact, and reach out to at all hours of the day.

The Power of Feedback & Reviews

With no digital presence, you are opting out of reaching out to a huge chunk of your target audience which we are sure is glued to their mobile phones. This populous can be converted into giving you feedback and reviews online which would further only aid in developing a stronger profile. And as they teach all marketing students in class, a good review can yield in more conversions than any promotional advertisement that you may run.

Moreover, having a digital presence not just showcases your work and the services you offer but is also a major factor in gaining trust and highlighting legitimacy. The ones checking your profile will be able to verify your presence and an impressive page that holds detailed information about you and your practice will only help in setting up a stronger identity in their mind. This will result in consumer trust, a very important variable while growing your online presence.

Building Trust-Worthy Relationships

The sign of a booming practice would be that of developing a close community that trusts you and resonates with what you offer to them. And this is easily accessible with a digital and social presence. The key is to deliver value to your potential clientele through the content that you put up. It’s always a good idea to maintain consistency and keep it as informative as possible. Strategizing on interactive content for your social media presence will give a clear idea to your audience as they will have some action to complete when they land on your page.

A digital presence lets you focus on building a relationship which in a post-pandemic world, has become tough. Owing to the fact that in-person interactions have been reduced by a huge percentage while online relationships have been fostered, your audience is bound to look at developing a deeper connection with you. Human interactions are reducing as the days go by, and so advocating a humane narrative for your potential audience is a must. While providing any form of service, research suggests that high in-touch services are more prone to developing a stronger bond and in the digitalized world, engaging with your audience will get you there.

Data-Driven Results

Another key element that leads you to a larger audience set would be the insights that you can garner through the data being registered on your site and social handles. The pool of potential clientele that you target through your digital presence is automatically converted into metrics that you can analyze and incorporate in devising marketing strategies. These metrics show you how many people are interacting with the content on your pages, how many make it to the point of conversion or just before that, how many viewers revisit your page, and the like.

These potential leads make it easier for you to optimize your presence on the web. Gaining leads that you can re-target and reach out to through purposeful content is bound to yield higher levels of interest in what you have to offer. On occasion, it may not necessarily mean that you yield your conversion objective but it will definitely ensure that you are garnering the attention that your practice needs.

A digital presence not just offers you an online address but it opens up multiple avenues that are cost-effective and easy to understand. You can venture into social media, SEO optimization, paid promotional strategies, native advertising, performance marketing, content optimization, and so many more strategies to interact with your potential clientele. All these to understand which stream and method work best for your audience.

The beauty of establishing a digital presence lies in the fact that you are only a click away from an audience that sits far and wide across the world. Your practice may be open only during certain hours of the day, but users online are researching you 24*7. And it’s safe to say that this in itself is enough reason to establish a digital presence for your practice. To learn how you can develop your presence online, you can reach out to us at [email protected] and we’d be more than happy to sit with you and know what you have to offer.


Mistakes People Make While Building a Social Media Handle

Setting up a social media handle is no biggie. You can create one in seconds and it only takes a minute to update your bio and profile picture. But is that it? For your practice to reflect the quality of service that you provide, setting up a clean and aesthetically pleasing social media handle is key to a growth-oriented practice. However, in our experience, we’ve come across many handles which make fundamental mistakes that are a big no-no. Let’s delve deeper into identifying these.

No research

Since a majority of small businesses operate through social media today, it’s safe to say that starting a social media page requires as much research as starting your own business. This research starts off with identifying the target audience that you are trying to serve. A clear definition of which particular segments you wish to reach out to will allow you to easily build content buckets for them. This definition will answer all questions that will further crop up in curating content, strategies, and campaigns.

The best way to research on your industry is to view the pages of your competitors and analyze their strategies. What sort of content are they putting, the graphics they use, their brand’s messaging, and how are they trying to make an effort at creating a narrative that is centered around their Unique Selling Proposition (USP). This will let you distinguish yourself from them and give you newer ideas about how you want to communicate your services. Not researching enough before starting a social media handle will only lead to the chaos which will easily be represented on your feed and that is something we completely wish to avoid.

No consistency

Another major mistake that we see individuals make is not maintaining a set routine and consistency in the way they post. Ensuring that your content goes up periodically at the times that are sure to work for your account is a must. A trend that we have identified is that individuals tend to give up in the first three months after setting up a page, complaining about low engagement and viewership on their handles. We have learned that growing a page successfully can take anywhere between 3 months to a year and this is purely after trial and error at finding the content that your niche interacts with most. As a result, inconsistent pages are sure to fall out where patience falls short. Maintaining consistency keeps your audience waiting and expectant of what is to follow and it serves as a build-up to the next post that is coming out. It helps in brand recall and enhances community building amongst your online audience.

No creativity in designing

A feed that isn’t aesthetically pleasing doesn’t deserve to be on social media. There, we said it. It may sound harsh but it’s important that you incorporate elements and designs which bind the entire page together. It isn’t always necessary to invest in professional graphic designing services considering there are a lot of free tools available online to create a feed design. A page that doesn’t look as appealing and has a lot of color on it, in all different post formats comes off as rather unprofessional. A well-structured, maintained and designed grid is bound to appeal to your target audience. While we wouldn’t go as far as to say that on occasion, content can take a backseat if the design is as appealing- we also wouldn’t deny it entirely. As they say, your first impression is the last impression and a well-designed feed offers just that to your target audience.

No clear aim

Jotting down your purpose, goals, and objectives out of building a social media handle is quite necessary. Putting this on paper will come in handy while coming up with content. It will streamline all your thought processes and you will be in a much better position to know what you want your handle to represent. Deciding on your conversion parameter- whether it is to divert more traffic to your website, more inquiries, or simply just maintaining and enhancing brand awareness will let you decide on how you can implement strategies to work on your aim.

Devising statistic goals will also give you a strong headfirst into ensuring that you meet the figure within the stipulated amount of time. You will also be able to come up with small but important strategies that can make a significant difference in reaching your goal- something as small as being able to finalize the Call To Action (CTA) you wish to add in every post that goes up. A clear aim will add meaning to the content on the feed and will also be able to communicate with the audience, what need it is that you are trying to fulfill for them. They will be able to resonate with the benefit and value that you wish to bring into their lives which makes them more likely to return to your page.

No engagement 

Last but definitely not least, no engagement. An aesthetic feed that communicates your aim through designs is of no use if you are not trying to develop a relationship with your audience. And the only way that you can bring that about is if you interact with them on a daily basis. Replying quickly to comments, reverting to DMs, answering queries, and most importantly, putting up content that is interactive enough so that they can engage with your page are all methods of increasing your engagement rate. There are two beneficial outcomes that come out of it. Firstly, the platform realizes that people are being more and more interactive with your page and will thus make it more visible to a larger audience and secondly, you will be fostering a community within your audience. And all this at just organic promotions. Taking your engagement to paid content after successfully setting up an organic feed will easily render you a loyal and distinctive following.

These mistakes are the primary reasons why individuals aren’t able to set up successful social media handles. All mistakes have clear rules and strategies that can be implemented to avoid them all. If you wish to know more about how you can avoid them and create a crisp and complete social media handle, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]