4 Ways A Doctor Can Grow His Digital Presence Online

In an age where the internet is King, it comes as no surprise to know that growing your business as a doctor online is a tedious task. Gone are the days when referrals were the only way to make your practice become known. Moreover, considering that the field of medicine is not just vast but is also one that is quite delicate, establishing a presence that is meaningful and doesn’t in any way cause any grievance from netizens requires a firm presence of mind. And a conscious and meaningful approach towards establishing your presence online will not only build on your goodwill but also offer a lot more value to your patients.

Play with Your Strengths

Your strength lies in the reviews and testimonials of your patients. As a result, building a pool of reviews that go up on your google business account and across all social media platforms in engaging formats will yield more awareness for your personal brand. While we can understand that putting up the same reviews everywhere may get repetitive, ensure that you use multiple formats such as story-telling, videography, carousel post formats, or even a blog to talk about the experience. This not just makes your audience feel connected but also makes you seem a lot more legitimate and real.

Get Social

Asking your patients to follow you on social media may seem trivial but it goes a long way in organically building your presence. Sending messages to them, following upon them, and directing them towards your social media handles will let you grow your practice and build an avid community of learners. Through your social media handles, you can diversify your audience and engage or educate them. On Instagram, you can share wellness tips and how they can take care of themselves on an everyday basis. On Linkedin, you can interact with fellow doctors and build a professional profile while on Quora, you can answer all doubts and resolve any issues that people might be facing. With Reddit, you can form a niche with your own group and on Facebook, you can interact with others in groups and build awareness around your brand. All in all, through social media, you will be in a position to engage with your audience and thus, build awareness around your presence.

A Digital Address with a Website

A professional website, replete with all information regarding where your audience can reach out to you, where they can check your practice online, and where they can garner more information on any medical issue they are facing will optimize your digital presence. Moreover, you will be able to set your conversion metric to increased website awareness which will serve as an endpoint for anyone who googles you online. On your website, you can display all your skills, and the services your practice offers as well as build an informative blog through which you can educate your audience.

Venture into multiple arenas

As much as you are a doctor, with a digital or social media presence, you are also a content creator. Many doctors today, choose to venture into multiple formats of delivering content while choosing topics that the common man wishes to know about. Something as simple as a nutritionist reviewing celebrity diet plans on their Youtube channel. Or an Ophthalmologist educates their audience about eye hygiene or best practices to avoid exertion. You too can choose to venture into a niche that is sure to have anyone visiting your page hooked. Right from veganism to sex education, doctors do not necessarily need to talk about their own field but can also talk about things that are adjacent to the field of medicine and need attention.

While setting up a digital presence may seem daunting to you, going online is the only way forward and one which is genuine, unique, and builds trust. At Culsac, we are always here to show you how you can go ahead and curate a well-optimized feed for yourself. Say hello at [email protected] to know what ideas we have to grow your personal brand online, now!

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