Things To Know before Collaborating with a Digital Agency

We’ve all come across quirky campaigns from top brands and wondered how they come up with such unique ideas and build social media campaigns that are always so interactive. Well, it’s because they have a digital agency that comes up with ideas that are revisited a million times before they make it to your eyes. A million is probably an exaggeration, but they revise their ideas and plans multiple times before deciding on a post that is sure to make you fall in love with the brand even more. And in order for you to come up with such campaigns as well, you need to be able to choose the people who will manage your online presence wisely. So, here’s a drill down on how you ought to socialize with the right social media agency!

Define your deliverables

For starters, you need to know what you want the agency to do for you. Do you want them to manage all your platforms, whether you want to set up a presence from scratch or continue where you left off, which new platforms you wish to venture into, any particular feed design you are interested in and the kind of brand messaging you want to establish. Devising a list of deliverables that you expect from them as well as what value-additions can they offer will give you a clear idea of how you can move forward in building your presence.

Setting your end objective

Deciding on your end objective and communicating it with the digital agency will also streamline all strategies in building a portfolio. Your end goal can be getting leads, making conversions, diverting more traffic to your website, spreading awareness, building a community or simply connecting with like-minded individuals, or building a blog. Whatever you feel will fit best in building your brand and aligns the most with your practice makes it to your end goal. However, ensuring that your goal is statistically sound and that it matches your profile is a must. For instance, Manforce cannot set conversions as its goal on social media, it can only attempt at building more and more awareness through catchy and engaging content.

While setting your goals, also make sure that you include realistic numbers that you wish to achieve from the month you start your page. Setting a quantifiable target will show you how far you have reached in the process and make the digital agency strive to work towards achieving it.

Researching the agency

One of the most crucial aspects of onboarding a digital agency to work on your brand is conducting research to understand their background. Conduct a thorough analysis of the company, its experience, ethics, and vision to get a better idea of its background. Identifying their purpose behind wanting to support your digital presence and the narrative that they are trying to build is a must. You will be entrusting your online presence to someone and as a result, ensuring that the agency stays transparent with you at all times and has the best interest at heart is a must. Conduct a thorough analysis before sitting down with an agency to know their work and the kind of change they wish to bring about with your voice.

Communicating your budget

Most importantly, set a budget. It’s extremely important to know the finance that you wish to put in to grow your business not just for you but for the agency that is going to manage your brand. Communicating your budget with the agency gives them a better idea of being able to devise

strategies that will fit within your expectations and also make it easier to chalk out any performance and paid marketing plans.

If you are still unsure of how you must table the first conversation with someone from a digital agency, here are a few prompts to help you get started.

1) What kind of an agency are you and which fields do you specialize in?

2) What are your thoughts on my current social media handles?

3) What strategies do you have in mind to grow my digital presence?

4) Which platforms do you think I must explore pertaining to my profession/business?

5) How will you measure the growth of my page?

6) How will you be delivering your services? Is there a particular flow to it?

7) What are your pricing plans?

8) Do you outsource your work? Who will be managing my handles?

9) Which social media management tools do you use?


Building a digital presence requires investment, time, and effort, and in order to set up one which is value-driven necessitates that you choose someone who is well-versed and knows what they are doing. Choosing an agency that you trust will go a long way in fostering a growth-oriented collaboration that will easily be depicted in your presence. To build on your viewer’s trust, communicating value is very important and thus, getting behind an organization that truly understands it is a given.


At Culsac, our mission is to support and help grow your reach by building a ground-breaking digital presence for your personal brand. If you’re looking for a no-obligation quote, drop in a mail at [email protected] and we’d be happy to sit down and hear your ideas. Till then, happy hunting!

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