Tips On Using Social-Media to Grow Your Career or Business

What do you do when you are sitting by yourself with nothing but a phone in hand?

We already know the answer, no surprises there. However, this blog isn’t going to tell you how spending time on your phone scrolling through social media is unproductive. Because gone are the days when social media was considered to be a waste of time. The days when your parents would tell you off for spending so much time on Instagram and Facebook are seeing a reversal with them scrolling through these platforms in their free time now. In fact, social media can prove to be a great medium for promoting your career and business. Here are a few ways how!

1) Build a professional profile

Create a profile that shows what your profession is, what do you do and what you have to offer to your viewers. Creating a professional profile will let people find you easily and mark your presence in the digital space- an easy destination for potential clientele to reach. Setting up a profile is quite an easy task- add in a pleasing display picture, a short and crisp bio with the details of your domain, and any particular skill you may want to highlight. You’re now all set to attract a crowd that is interested in your niche and wants to interact with you.

2) Build a community

The primary purpose of putting up content on social media is to build an online community. This online community essentially means people who are interested in your work and believe that you will be able to drive value to their lives through whatever it is that you put up. A close-knit community is one that will draw engagement, help build on your brand’s awareness, and yield a higher conversion metric to achieve your goal. It also lets you build a strong network that fosters interpersonal relationships that can prove beneficial for their growth. As a result, it portrays a sense of togetherness where you grow with them and vice-versa.

3) Highlight your expertise

While putting up any content on your page, make it a point that you are always delivering some value to your viewers and this can only be done by sharing your expertise. While we would have earlier been surprised at how unconventional professions or businesses such as ophthalmologists or glass traders would not be suitable to establish a social media presence, you would be surprised to learn how wonderfully they have built their presence. And all this only by highlighting their skills and expertise with the content that they put up. Sharing tips and tricks, experiences, growth trajectory, your projects and the like will only lead to growing your community of avid learners online.

4) Building a relationship through collaborations

Networking and collaborating with individuals from your industry, online and offline is always a good way to stay updated with the industry and stay well connected. The same goes for your social media presence. Collaborating for interviews, hosting lives, and sharing experiences, growth hacks, and tips for your followers will drive more engagement and make viewers want to visit your page repeatedly until they turn into loyal followers. Collaborating with businesses or practices similar to your offering also increases awareness since you are engaging with an audience that fits your niche perfectly. This increases brand awareness and only leads to greater visibility, thus building a stronger digital presence.


5) Measure your metrics and build strategies accordingly

Measuring your success on social media is an easy task. The numbers are all available on your mobile and you can take well-calculated calls yourself. Understanding the kind of content that works for your page and the way your audience is engaging with you online will ascertain where it is that you want to reach. Other than the metrics visible on your screen, you can also measure your success by simply feeding in your name on social media platforms to see where you rank or set alerts to know if your name is mentioned to calculate how much traction are you gaining on your page.

Paying attention, reading this data well enough, and analyzing it will only help you build campaigns that are sure to become a hit. Your reputation online makes for over half the job of maintaining a social media presence that is impactful.

6) Engage, Engage, Engage Consistently

A mistake that we previously mentioned about, not staying consistent in your engagement or posting online will only make your account dormant. Posting content regularly, replying to comments or tweets, engaging with a competitor and industry-wide pages, and staying updated with moment marketing trends is a must. Consistently doing so will lead to faster growth in building your community and only further aid in yielding promising results from your social media handles. Post about your most recent achievements, the projects that you have worked on, or any industry-specific changes that could have caused an impact on your work. Your thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints even in brief will prove to be quite impactful as long as it is regular and consistent enough.

We can understand that keeping in mind so much can seem to be quite an overload of information. Setting up a social media presence can be some serious work but it can aid in building your career and business immensely. It is one of the most powerful and resourceful tools available today and with the right focus, plan, and dedication, you are bound to shine on any platform.

However, all these tips are a result of the expertise we have gained so far and we’re sure that following these will only serve your purpose of building a strong social media profile. If you have any queries or wish to get in touch with us, drop in a hello at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you instantly!



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