Fashion Designers and the Need for Showcasing their Brand Online

If you have ever come across fan posts that say just how much they want the new Zara dress or the latest Dior bag, then we know why are you here.  

For a fashion designer, developing an uber and chic social media presence goes without saying. A digital presence that screams subtlety and yet manages to come off as bold and trendsetting requires not just some stardust but also a lot of research and niche development. Needless to say, setting your inspiration as one of the iconic labels which only promote their statement pieces cannot be relied upon to curate a marketing strategy that is befitting for a beginner.  

What’s crucial to understand for fashion designers getting a start at building a social media presence is that engaging with your audience will 90% make your brand stand out from those within the industry.  

But how do you go ahead building such content?  

Today, everyone can stand in front of the mirror and dress up in clothes, mix-match and style skirts with blazers, corsets on sarees, and even bodysuits with lehengas. So how can you make a difference online and actually build a personal brand that people are hooked to?  

For a fashion designer who is much more experienced, talking about how every individual can find their style and silhouette is definitely a way to approach this narrative. At Digi Folks, we are all about advocating video content- a definite method of achieving higher results.  

As a fashion designer, you need to be able to showcase your latest designs and pieces in a manner that makes them more enthralling and also creates demand. Moreover, the competition in the market and the need to outshine everyone make it a task at promoting your label offline. With a digital presence, you not just attract potential clients but also maintain a digital portfolio that can be accessed at any given point in time. You are also not just opening the market to customers but also to bigger opportunities at collaborations, suppliers, and multiple avenues of promotion.  

Through influencer marketing campaigns, paid and in-kind, Public Relations has gotten a new meaning. While they may seem to get heavy on the pocket, it is a sure way of reaching an audience that makes up for the height and breadth of the country which earlier wouldn’t have been possible. Designers who made up for small stores in their locality, copying styles and designs of Bollywood celebrities are today, expanding with a host of skilled professionals ready to launch the latest apparel to make it a trendsetter in no time. 

The world is now buying clothes at its fingertips and not setting up a store online only limits your options. Maintaining a digital address is equivalent to setting up a brick-and-mortar store and with the availability of multiple digital marketing streams, a fashion designer is bound to reach greater heights with a well-optimized feed. You can create a frenzy around your latest collection, talk directly with people who want to know more about you and your brand, reach out to mega brands and even collaborate with opinion leaders from your industry.  

We could keep going on and on about how showcasing a designer’s label online entails more benefits that can be counted on your fingers, but we’re sure you’ve gotten the gist. Until then, if you are looking to set up an online profile and want to know how you can go about building one, send us a hello at [email protected] 


Importance of a Solid Digital Presence for a Start-up

The thumb rule for a thriving business is to ensure that you are engaging as much as possible with your target audience. Building a network, developing meaningful connections, and working within a community are words that we all come across while reading every other blog on marketing. And though they may seem repetitive, there is no other way than going through with building an online brand for yourself. A solid digital presence for a Start-up is a nudge in the direction that can yield returns far greater than your imagination. And how do we say it with so much surety? Because we’ve seen for it ourselves! 

A digital presence doesn’t just mean a website URL with your brand’s name embedded in it. It means curating a social presence where everyone is welcome to interact so that you can pitch your products repeatedly to them without having to ever make it feel promotional.  

An immensely large opportunity 

 Whether you believe in investing in online marketing or not, a large chunk of your audience is online, and opting to not reach out to them only narrows down your reach. With 3.8 million google searches per minute, your brand is only one click away from being known to someone across the globe, who otherwise wouldn’t have ever even heard your Start-Up’s name.  

 Being Personal 

Research shows that brands that are high-in-touch marketing or service offerings are those which are able to market themselves better. This comes from being able to interact with their client on a regular basis and offering all the benefits of seeing, touching, and feeling their product before a consumer makes a purchase. However, in the digital world where establishing such a connection is tough, social media comes to the rescue. You can share messages, and value-driven and interactive content which can actually build a niche for yourself without having to ever meet your client in person.  

A Digitalised Portfolio 

What business cards were to businessmen back in the day, social media has become to the millennial entrepreneurs of today. With a digital presence, you provide them with an address that they can access to view all your products and showcase your work with just a simple upload. A social media handle with the right graphics, right words, and right targeting makes for a marketing approach that not just heightens the credibility of your brand but also establishes your brand’s recall.  

Meeting your consumers where they are 

If you’re a millennial brand, your audience is based on Instagram. If you’re a professional, you can grow a strong network on LinkedIn. If you are a blogger, YouTube will help you reach far and wide. If you’re artistic, your Pinterest account will become your virtual portfolio. If you’re catering to a serious need, Facebook will optimize its algorithm to help you meet your potential consumers. The digital world houses all sorts of audiences that are relevant to your product and all you need to do is decide the positioning you want your start-up to be identified with. This will ultimately help your brand build a USP for itself and stand out from the rest within your field.  

Your start-up needs to make a killer impression before any stakeholder that you are pitching it to investors, potential clients, suppliers, communities, and even your friends and family. A digital presence will assist in building a brand that makes for one that matches up to the industry leaders within your field, all the while making it more personalized and more real to your clients. And this is why we advocate that every Start-Up owner should focus on curating an enhanced digital experience for their target audience.