Why is it Important for a Lawyer to have a Social Media Presence?

If you’re a lawyer looking to build a social media presence, we can understand why you would feel hesitant in doing so. For starters, we don’t see any top or reputed lawyer of high goodwill build a social media handle for themselves. But in a way, isn’t that the catch? While all age-old lawyers shun accept the widespread awareness that digital marketing can bring them, newer lawyers are only hesitant to build a profile for themselves since there isn’t any predecessor to look up to. 

We’ll go a step ahead and say that digital marketing is probably a medium that isn’t very welcome to lawyers since the content they put out is also not very marketable. After all, there aren’t many who look forward to reading a long case study or about a hearing on social media even if it comes to increasing their general knowledge.  

And that’s where we come in. As a digital marketing agency working closely with industry professionals, we have seen the growth that social media promises to those who take the step towards establishing a presence that leaves a mark on a niche audience. And for lawyers, the primary reasons for setting up a digital presence include enhancing the visibility of your law firm or your personal practice, reaching out to potential clients who seek to engage with informed professionals, and also to maintain touch with existing clients.  

Let’s break down social media platforms for lawyers and objectively look at how you can improve your social media presence and why are they important for your practice: 

1. LinkedIn 

The hub for all professionals looking to engage and build a powerful network online, this platform attracts industry experts and opinion leaders across all fields. Putting up bite-sized content about your practice, your learnings, and your experience as a lawyer on LinkedIn ensures that you are building a strong network of not just potential leads but also individuals from the same profession as you. The benefit that comes with LinkedIn is that it requires you to focus purely on content and not worry too much about graphics or putting your own image up. As a result, putting up your experience with your clients, what you have achieved, what you believe the future looks like in the field, any advice that you would like to give to aspiring law students, all such content buckets and more will help you build a strong network and increase awareness for your practice. 

2. Instagram 

Building a social media presence on Instagram as a lawyer requires you to play with content and deliver something that is quirky, non-educational, and most importantly, engaging. As a result, sharing snippets of what an individual is not obliged to act upon- such as paying a service charge at a restaurant or asking for full refunds from Airlines if a flight is canceled due to internal conflicts is information that will be most coveted. You are more likely to build a loyal following if you indulge in curating content that is relatable and unique but most importantly, seeks to help individuals.  

3. Facebook 

Engaging in Facebook groups is always a solid idea when it comes to growing your practice. Here, you can put out the word about your practice and directly market it, keeping it promotional as opposed to building a narrative and then leading them to your conversion metric. However, the keep to maintaining a profile that yields results is ensuring that you post regularly.  

As an attorney, we understand that the digital marketing field is far away from your area of expertise. And that posting content regularly, optimizing the page, trying multiple strategies, and coming up with fresh ideas every day can seem like a herculean task when your sole focus should be growing your practice. But that’s where Digi Folks come in. With marketing services explicitly curated for lawyers and attorneys across multiple verticals, we aim at delivering our best while deriving inspiration from the best.  

If you’d like for us to work on a no-obligation quote for your practice, drop in an email at [email protected]  and you’ll be hearing from us soon after! 

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